Practice Ethics for Grief Counseling:

I believe in the power of civic love and compassionate relationships to heal the most wounded.

I believe in the capacity for all human beings to be transformed by loss.

I believe that beauty exists with the pain.

I believe we do not have to relinquish our Beloved Dead in order to heal from grief. Rather, we integrate our losses in whatever way feels most authentic for us.

I believe that grief is a normal response to the death of a loved one thus I do not work with or treat mental illnesses or disorders. Rather, my practice area is solely focused on traumatic bereavement. 

I believe that which cannot be measured can be the most potent healer.  I use mindfulness and meditation, ecotherapy (such as wilderness, nature, barefoot hiking), music, art, poetry, metaphor, philosophy, bibliotherapy (books), sangha (community), and many non-traditional healing modalities.

Should you wish to contact the MISS Foundation to schedule a grief counseling appointment, please email us.  Should you wish to contact Dr. Cacciatore to inquire about an intensive session, please contact her directly.

Guide to Self-compassion

In the spirit of compassion, we follow the practice guidelines of the MISS Foundation as delineated: